Gallery Hours: 11am-5pm Thurs-Sat

ArtStart Building Rental Space

ArtStart has temporary rental space for meetings, family events, presentations, small concerts and performances.

For more information, please contact Ashley (715) -362-4328 or

Current ArtStart Tenants

Yoga w/ Mishel Ison

Designed for  beginners and experienced yogis with challenging and regular poses. Classes teach you to find balance during yoga practice and not be afraid to try new poses.

Dance Classes w/ Karen Cook

Many different dance classes are offered from Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, and Hip-Hop. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced dance classes for all age groups.

Guitar Lessons w/Brian McLaughlin

Ready to learn to play the guitar? Brian McLaughlin is 100% committed to making music education an exciting experience for every student.

Piano Lessons w/Mary Karnosky

Mary Karnosky loves teaching children as well as adults how to play the piano, and makes learning fun for them. You can start learning to play the piano today!