In Light We Trust: Illuminating alternative photographic processes | Hal Rammel, Vicki Reed, F. Martin Morante & Carrisa Heinrichs

March 24, 2016 - May 28, 2016

In Light We Trust is devoted to alternative process photography by four Wisconsin photographers. While digital technology at times plays a minor role in this work, this exhibition focuses on the many fresh possibilities remaining in the realm of analog photography.

Homemade cameras, no camera at all, hybrid techniques that blend digital and analog approaches, cyanotypes, wet plate collodion, CMY gum bichromate and van dyke, platinum palladium printing: the members of In Light We Trust remain true to the hands-on experimentation essential to the discovery of photography itself. The riches of these long lost and rediscovered techniques remind us that there are many, many ways to see the world that celebrate its shapes and places and the light that surrounds us.

Carissa Heinrichs, F. Martin Morante, Hal Rammel and Vicki Reed are members of the Gallery 224 Photography Center in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Cosponsored by BMO Harris Bank