Layers | New Work by Phillip Faulkner


Layers | New Work by Phillip Faulkner

May 23-August 10, 2019


Phillip Faulkner is interested in how technology and the emergence of media outlets inform, affect and intertwine with the historical art canon. His artistic inquiry spans visual media, but the one constant in his work is an embrace of collage philosophy. Faulkner produces work that melds the digital and tangible, bridges technology and tradition, and attempts to create imagery that is both new and nostalgic. The artwork in Layers employs appropriated imagery from disparate sources, combined with original marks that are placed in new combinations.



About the artist

Phillip Faulkner received his Master of Fine Arts degree in electronic media from the University of Denver, where he lives and works. He currently teaches digital arts at the Denver Center for International Studies-Montbello. Falkner has taught courses in art, design and technology at numerous universities, and served as Area Head of Studio Arts at Finlandia University in northern Michigan. He has exhibited work nationally at institutions including Center for Visual Arts in Denver, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska, VersionFest in Chicago and numerous other galleries and venues.