The Paintings of Sofia Arnold

March 16, 2017 - May 13, 2017

“I work quickly and automatically with a wet-on-wet technique in order to loosen and blur the normal boundary between figures and their environments.”  -Sofia Arnold

In Arnold’s paintings, aliens, humans, animals, ghosts, and hybrids take on the more vegetal qualities of their environments where they are simultaneously mired and sustained. Densely layered, shallow compositions allow her to dissect and isolate shapes and gestures to reuse as “germs” for subsequent paintings. The paintings and drawings you see in this exhibition are fantastical and surrealistic interpretations of her autobiographical high points and low points over the past few years.

Sofia Arnold grew up in rural Southwestern Wisconsin. She studied painting at the University of Wisconsin- Madison under Fred Stonehouse and T.L. Solien. She currently lives and works in Chattanooga, Tennessee.