Impact: The Experience of Service | Art that explores the impact of military service on those who have experienced it


The work in this exhibition powerfully expresses the artists’ experiences of Military Service: Trauma, opportunity, boredom, transition, fear, pride, loneliness, growth, patriotism, separation, leadership, suffering, challenge, loss are just a few of the themes explored by the artists.  

These veterans and artists served in military conflicts from WWII to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ash Kyrie (Guest Curator)

Melissa Doud

Dave Tinman Edgar

Henry Galvin

Shawn Ganther

Charles Hamilton

Kimberly Heartsong

Aaron Hughes

Ken Juon

Robert Kanyusik

John LaFalce

Neil Leinwohl

Margaret Mahan

Drew Matott

Robert Seitz

Erica Slone