2020 Exhibition Season

ArtStart’s exhibitions are unique, professional and exciting—it is our goal to challenge, educate and delight our visitors.  ArtStart has exhibited collections from The Museum of Russian Art and  Finlandia University Gallery, as well as the work of renowned artists like T.L. Solien, Esther Bubley and others. All exhibitions are selected by our Exhibition Team and range from contemporary art to historical and cultural collections.


January 23 – February 8

Free for Wall  | Community Exhibition

How to Enter

View art by Northwoods amateur and professional artists.

Closing reception: February 8, 2020 | 5-7 p.m.| Admission by Donation


February 12 – 29

School District of Rhinelander  | Student Exhibition

View artwork created by students in the Rhinelander School District, grades K-12. Student work consists of a variety of media including paintings, drawings, prints, collage, ceramic sculpture, and mixed media. GFWC Rhinelander Woman’s Club Student Writing Contest submissions will also be on display.

Opening reception: February 12, 2020 | 5-7 p.m.| Admission by Donation


March 5 – May 9

Between the Lines | Martin Rowe 

These paintings are the result of knowing something and then trying to forget it.

The work of British artist Martin Rowe, now working in Wisconsin is based on his contradictory desire to simplify and his need to control. These paintings are the expression of that internal conflict resulting in the strong, colorful statements you see in this exhibition.


Confronting our Perspective | Daniel Fleming 

Milwaukee artist Daniel Fleming is known for his aggressive brushwork, expressive symbols and a colorful palette. He investigates popular perceptions of worldly events through his paintings. Inspired by multiple viewpoints he explores the complex history of our world and challenges us to understand our own perspective.


Opening Reception with Artist Talks - March 7


June18 – August 8

Puppet Maker | Ken Vogel

From musicians to Supreme Court judges to family members, Madison puppet maker Ken Vogel has created them all. This is the first exhibition of Vogel’s work outside of Madison. Viewers will see a sampling of the thousands of puppets he’s created over the past 50 years.


Thread of Thought | Julie VonDerVellen

Julie VonDerVellen presents a collection of textile-inspired paper works that documents life’s unfolding chapters. It’s a visual narrative of significant experiences that have helped shape the artist’s personal journey.


Opening Reception with Artist Talks – Not Available


August 28 – October 31

Sigils for Travelers of I-94 | Andrea Carlson

“I squint my eyes at buildings and imagine what the land looks like underneath, that is Indigenous Futurism” - Andrea Carlson

Drawing on her Ojibwe heritage, Carlson creates images that “celebrate the joy of Indigenous people found in places that we’ve made for ourselves, in places that were necessitated because of our exclusion elsewhere.” The exhibition title incorporates the Latin meaning of Sigil—medicine or poison and the space along Interstate highway 94.


Shooting Buffalo | Andy Messerschmidt 

As part of Andy Messerschmidt’s 900+ piece Agrocult series, this exhibition’s focus is on the “anthropological cataclysm of the agrocults”. The artist’s work asks the viewer to review and evaluate the many changes brought upon the land by humankind.



November 19 – January 18
Please call ahead to visit our galleries

Everything Between Us | Kendra Bulgrin

Kendra Bulgrin’s paintings examine the longing for identity and the subsequent expectations associated with identity and memory. Her personal struggle to understand her identity and past as an adopted child has played an important role in her work. She questions how identity is constructed through images, place, memory, decoy and the miniature.

klug-1 (1)

Contemplating | Les Klug 

This retrospective of Les Klug (1930-1988) examines the work of a photographer who followed a trajectory all his own. He used art to explore the world around him and as a means with which to test the boundaries of the world. Working well before digital photography, his work was done with a traditional camera and in the darkroom. 


Opening Reception with Artist Talks – November 21