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We welcome visitors by appointment.  ArtStart is implementing cleaning, mask, and social distancing recommendations provided by the CDC and local health officials. All gallery visitors are required to wear a mask and remain 6 feet apart. Hand sanitizer and masks are available if needed.  Galleries will be reopening for normal hours beginning June 3rd! Weekly hours are: Thursday-Friday 11am-5pm and Saturday 11am-2pm.  We look forward to your visit.

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Marianne Fairbanks

Domestic Reflex

The work presented by Marianne Fairbanks in Domestic Reflex challenges our understanding of cloth – its material meaning and its roles as utilitarian form, as math-based logic system, and as conceptual art. Textiles form the basis of much of our interior spaces, from clothing, pillows, curtains, towels, upholstery, all things of comfort and utility. Fairbanks turns the lens to the patterns at the heart of these goods by taking the sophisticated interlacements of woven structures and enlarging their scale or translating materials into bold and colorful interpretations. Through handweaving, digital Jacquard loom weaving, collage, and sculpture, Fairbanks’s work explores how pattern systems can be exaggerated and inflated to expose the intelligence and intricacies otherwise overlooked. These interpretations of time spent inside, closely looking and focused on interior space, both architectural space and personal space, result in a joyful, boisterous, playful presentation that celebrates the soft, the sophisticated, and the slow.

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Nate Sheppard

ArtStart Exhibits: the first decade

This is an encore installation by local artist Nate Sheppard, commissioned in honor of ArtStart's 10th Anniversary.  The music, decade, was also composed by the artist in honor of this milestone event.  You are invited to enjoy this glimpse of all the amazing artists ArtStart has had the honor to highlight over the past 10 years.


Nate Sheppard is a freelancer and mixed media artist who specializes in filmmaking, music production, and multimedia performance.  He's currently based in Rhinelander, Wisconsin along with his wife and three children and enjoys creating music, drinking coffee, and supporting the arts.