Though present realities have forced us to close our doors, we felt it was important to still provide an opportunity for the public to engage with the magnificent art that is currently hanging on the walls in ArtStart’s gallery. So, while we cannot view these pieces in person, we are proud to present the work of these artists in a virtual gallery for you to explore.

There are two ways that you can view this gallery. The first is in a uniquely immersive 360 experience where you can navigate in 3 dimensions through the gallery space and see the artwork in its current context.

The second is a more traditional image gallery where you can see high resolution photographs of the art without navigating the 360 experience.

You can view the 360 experience as well as the traditional galleries below.

Immersive 360 Experience

Something Like a Storm

Daniel Fleming

While we are awarded with the opportunity to consume more content than at any other time in history; providing us with the opportunity to enrich our educations, expand our horizons, and reduce the perceived size of the world; we are simultaneously faced with an ever challenged sense of self and how one can or should fit into such a fast-paced and varied world.

As advertisements, media, and even the passions we welcome pull us every which way, our confidence and individuality are constantly confronted, dissected and, often times, denounced. We weather a storm each time we interact with the influences around us, and while some storms bring new life, we always emerge slightly more affected. The question is, do we become worn down or more concentrated? Are we witnessing our “selves” wash away or simply letting the unsure edges disintegrate as we find our true foundation?

Something Like a Storm is a collection of recent work reacting on a personal level to everyday events and societal trends that impact the artist’s daily life. All the work was made in preparation for this exhibition over the last two years.

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Between the Lines

Martin Rowe

I am conscious of the intention to create something new but unable to forget the influences of what has gone before. —Martin Rowe

The artist statement often leaves out the most important part of being an artist: the joy—the pure joy of creating. I find my joy when I paint. Between the Lines is my life story of walking an external visual path navigated by an internal understanding of my creative needs.

On this particular path, I explore the possibilities of color combinations within a structural landscape formed by blocks of color. The blocks have a three-dimensional quality that creates a more formal interpretation of the work. The energy created where they meet as side by side exchanges and as larger interactions within the painting are the sparks that ignite them visually. The texture and confidence of the brush marks are also essential parts of the cumulative effect of balance and conflict within the frame.

These paintings are influenced by early memories of visiting the National Gallery in London as a child, and the memory fragments are bound to my art by my need for structure and play. The works of Picasso, Bacon, Gainsborough are all woven into the visual stories of each painting—not in a representational manner, but in the layers of tradition that inspired them and, in turn, me.

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