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Community Exhibition: Self Expression

— Our Mission —

To inspire, challenge and educate through cultural events and highly-distinctive, curated visual art exhibitions with the purpose of strengthening and sustaining our community.




— Current Exhibitions —


Gallery Hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday   11 a.m.-5 p.m.

March 22-May 26

Uncovering Surface and Silence
Kristy Deetz
Invoking and reinventing European canonical painting, Deetz’s mesmerizing encaustic and oil paintings on carved wood revise traditional images of drapery and still life. Her work explores how image and process reveal and conceal substance and spirit: the point where ideas, people, cultures, and emotions cross and sometimes merge.


101 Ways to Cook an Egg
Shane Walsh
Walsh’s paintings begin with small-scale collages constructed from photocopies of shapes and marks, responding to the history of abstract painting and the punk and hip-hop posters of his youth. He then translates them into large-scale paintings. This process is akin to the children’s game of “telephone”, in which the original message often emerges drastically altered by the time it arrives at the last participant—something Walsh celebrates! All work appears courtesy of the Alice Wilds Gallery, Milwaukee.


An opening reception and artist talk will be held at ArtStart on Saturday, March 24th, 5-7 p.m. Cash bar.