In a New Light Art. Nature. Hope. | Photographs by Northwest Passage Treatment Center youth

September 12, 2014 - November 8, 2014

“The In A New Light Program has managed to uncover the level of potential in these kids that people have discounted. They have so much inside of them, so much to give, and all it takes is that nudge to bring it out.” –Ben Thwaits

Surrounded by dense forests, pristine lakes and the St. Croix River, Ben Thwaits, Expressive Arts Coordinator for the Northwest Passage Treatment Center began looking for ways to bring nature photography into his classroom. With a grant from the National Parks Foundation, he bought a few digital cameras and the necessary software. Soon, he was leading students into creek beds and up rocky bluffs in the Badlands, Rocky Mountain and Isle Royale National Parks and the St. Croix Scenic Riverway. The photographs in this exhibition are the result.

About In New Light and Northwest Passage In A New Light is a therapeutic nature photography program at Northwest Passage, a constellation of strength-bases therapeutic programs located in northwest Wisconsin dedicated to restoring hope through innovative mental health services for children and families.

In a New Light emphasizes skilled expressive arts training and nature immersion, ultimately empowering marginalized youth to define themselves by their strengths rather than their weaknesses. Through art exhibitions around the United States, as well as worldwide media exposure, these young artists have touched the lives of over one million people to date. By sharing their story, In a New Light gives marginalized children a voice to prove to the world that they are profoundly worthy of society’s investment.